Drafting of contracts required to successfully exploit copyright


Steps against the sale, rent or distribution of infringing copies


Specialised team in the enforcement of copyright


Licences, assignment and other agreements


Information technology (IT) and computer law


Support throughout the entire process

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Copyright protection affords the copyright owner certain exclusive rights which enable him to exploit the copyright work for financial gain and to stop the unauthorised exploitation by third parties.

We are able to assist with clarifying the various rights of copyright. By working with you, your copyright lawyer affords an extra level of confidence. Copyright services include counseling, auditing, registration, agreements, acquisition, enforcement and licensing.

This gives you the space and time to create, knowing that your rights will be defended in respect of various works: literary, musical, artisitic, sound recordings, broadcasting

Copyright exists automatically upon the creation of a work, with few exceptions. You must maximise the benefit gained in exchange for your consent to the copyright work being used.


  • Lawyer specialised in business law, member of Cluj Bar since 2006
  • Managing Partner at Câmpan & Ţimonea Law Firm, with expertise in intellectual property since 2013
  • Intellectual Property Counsel Diploma issued by the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks in 2013, registered at National Chamber of Industrial Property Counsellors of Romania
  • Certificate of attendance and graduation of the General Course on Intellectual Property, WIPO, 2018
  • Certificate of participation at the International Conference of Intellectual Property and Development Geneva, WIPO, 2016