Why use the services of an Intellectual Property Counsel ?

The Intellectual Property Counsel is a person specialized in the field of intellectual property, who attended State Office for Inventions and Trademarks ( OSIM ) courses in the field and is part of the National Chamber of Industrial Property Advisors in Romania.

Proceedings before intellectual property authorities require increased attention and a thorough knowledge base in this area, as there is no room for error, as any error can be detrimental to the business. Thus, the role of an intellectual property counsel is a very well established one and it is mandatory to be represented by an intellectual property counsel in case you are a foreign citizen and you want to register a trademark with OSIM .

For many companies, their intellectual property is just as valuable, if not more valuable than their physical assets. For example, imagine if Versace suddenly couldn’t call itself “Versace” or put Medusa’s head on its products. The brand would face irrecoverable financial losses and would have to invest heavily to restore its notorious identity. Therefore, these elements are protected worldwide by intellectual property.

What benefits do we get when we hire an Intellectual Property Counsel?

Reliability A natural result of the professional skills and experience gained over the years, the intellectual property counsel is able to provide a service and find the solution molded on business in a short period of time. He has the ability to obtain the registration of the trademark, brand or slogan on the classes on which protection is desired and depending on the territorial extent of your business.

Low risk of errors – The intellectual property counsel is familiar with the authorities specialized in intellectual property protection (in Romania we refer especially to the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks – OSIM, but also to the European Union Office for Intellectual Property – EUIPO).

Given this, errors are much less likely to occur in the process of trademark registration, trademark protection by initiating opposition proceedings and other steps to ensure the protection of intellectual property and thus the identity of the business in question.Thus, avoiding mistakes saves both time and financial resources, resources that could be invested in business development.

An overview – The familiarity of an intellectual property counsel with both the legal system and the field of intellectual property, given his experience and professional skills, gives him an overview of the intellectual property issues facing a business (or problems that may arise in the future). He can consider a set of solutions and consequences for a certain approach and related to the context in which the business is located. This ability comes from experience and due to his professional skills.

A profitable long-term investment – In conclusion, the services of an intellectual property advisor are much more profitable in the long run, with the field of intellectual property being a booming field and a specialized area of ​​law that requires a specific knowledge base.

If you are looking for specialists in the field of intellectual property, who have both a thorough training in this field and a tailored professional experience, TAS Registration will be at your disposal!