What you should know before setting up a LLC in Romania?

The Limited Liability Company (known as SRL) is the most wide-spread type of Romanian company, has a limited liability before the law and is also one of the safest for the shareholders. LLC (SRL) is also the cheapest way to open a business, as the required social capital for setting up is just 200 lei, around 50 euros.

The establishment of a LLC (SRL) firm in 2019 can be done within 3 business days from the moment the entire documentation is provided and submitted at the Trade Register where the company’s registered office is located.

Shareholders within a LLC (SRL) are only responsible for the registered assets of the company. The number of shareholders is limited to 50 in a LLC and legal persons can be shareholders under the same conditions.

In order to register your company, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Checking the availability and reserving the company’s name.
  2. Providing the necessary documents for the company formation in Romania. SRL companies are registered through the Local Trade Register Office and will require a series of documents from the shareholders and administrators (directors) such as: Articles of Association (required to contain certain information), Affidavits and Specimen Signatures. In case the shareholders are foreign companies then the Romanian Trade Register will also require their registration documents for proof of their existence.

You can open a company in Romania and choose to either visit the country, or to delegate powers to a representative through a Power of Attorney.

  1. Opening a bank account with the subscription of the minimum share capital (around 50 EUR).
  2. Providing a company office for registration or correspondence purposes only.

The company is considered legal and operational once these steps are complete and the registration documents are issued.

Special Requirements:

  • There are no limitations regarding foreign shareholding structure or management in SRL.
  • The shareholders can be natural persons or legal entities.
  • A company opened in Romania must hold a local registered office (one of the services provided by TAS Registration).
  • The minimum capital for establishing a Limited Liability Company in Romania (SRL) amounts to 200 Lei, approximately 50 EUR.

TAS Registration offers to assist you throughout all the steps required for company formation in Romania. Do not hesitate to contact us.