Industrial Designs

Lines, colors and three-dimensional forms, these are the DNA of industrial designs. The ornamental aspect of an object. They combine to form the building blocks of many of the products we buy, use and encounter in day-to-day life. From the watch on your wrist, to life-saving MRE machines, you will find designs everywhere. And did […]

Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) systems have been designed to incentivize human innovation and creation. Until very recently such innovation and creation was one of the defining characteristics of the human species. Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly driving important developments in technology and business. It is being employed across a wide range of industries with impact on […]

What is Intellectual Property?

Names of products/brands, inventions, design/appearance of products or artistic works can be all protected by various types of intellectual property, namely: registration of trademarks, patents, copyrights and industrial designs. Using different IPRs (intellectual property rights), one can avoid the unauthorised use or copying of certain data, as well as the possible confusion or suspicion among […]