What to do in case of receiving a provisional refusal notice from OSIM?

Obtaining a trademark can be a crucial step to the success of a business. However, sometimes  the applicant may receive a notice of provisional refusal from OSIM (State Office for Inventions and Trademarks), signaling that your application does not meet certain legal conditions. In such situations, it is essential to address this issue appropriately, taking […]

Trademark renewal as a key element of success

According to Law no. 84/1998 on trademarks and geographical indications, republished, the registration of a trademark takes effect from the date of the regulatory filing of the trademark and has a validity of 10 years. After the expiry of this period, renewal of the trademark becomes an essential step in the management and protection of […]

Can a person’s face become a trademark?

Over time, people have registered as a trademark all sorts of signs: from the simplest to the most unimaginable words, shapes, drawings, even sounds.  To date, more than two million trade marks have been registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), so anyone who wants to register a new trade mark that is […]

How to choose a strong brand/trademark?

The success of your business can be an indication that your brand is commercially strong, as the nature of a brand, especially its relative strength or weakness, will have a direct influence on its market performance and scope of legal protection. A ‘strong’ trade mark is a trade mark which has a highly distinctive character, […]

Genericism: trademark death

What is genericism? If trade marks are bigger and better known, then there is a greater need for protection not only against infringement and falsification, but also against the ‘generalisation of trade marks’. There is not much talk about this concept, but there is more to this problem than is thought. The concept is important […]

Elvis Presley versus BrewDog: How far would you go to protect your brand?

As consumers, we meet a multitude of well-known brands in the food and beverage sector on a daily basis. Whether it’s choosing cereal or morning coffee, or choosing specific ingredients and garnishes for the evening meal. It therefore goes without saying that intellectual property protection for your food and drink business is vital, as it […]