Genericism: trademark death

What is genericism? If trade marks are bigger and better known, then there is a greater need for protection not only against infringement and falsification, but also against the ‘generalisation of trade marks’. There is not much talk about this concept, but there is more to this problem than is thought. The concept is important […]

Intellectual Property on Domain Names

I. What is a domain name? A domain name is a unique internet address, for example, under which the services are available on the internet, and through which internet users can access a website only by typing in the address bar of the browser on which they use the domain name. Whenever you visit […]

Common intellectual property mistakes when launching a website

In designing and building your website, the first thing to be aware of is whether you own the website presentation, content and every aspect of intellectual property (IP) in it. Here are a few common IP mistakes or omissions that some of the launchers commit: 1. Infringing someone else’s trademark rights When you select a […]