What to do in case of receiving a provisional refusal notice from OSIM?

Obtaining a trademark can be a crucial step to the success of a business. However, sometimes  the applicant may receive a notice of provisional refusal from OSIM (State Office for Inventions and Trademarks), signaling that your application does not meet certain legal conditions. In such situations, it is essential to address this issue appropriately, taking […]

Trademark renewal as a key element of success

According to Law no. 84/1998 on trademarks and geographical indications, republished, the registration of a trademark takes effect from the date of the regulatory filing of the trademark and has a validity of 10 years. After the expiry of this period, renewal of the trademark becomes an essential step in the management and protection of […]

Location Decisions of Multinational Companies in Romania

Multinationals are types of companies that offer services or products across national borders and are basic factors of globalization and economic development. The most important factors in attracting direct foreign investments are the geographical location and the resources of the country. Also, the taxes in financial and economic sectors are worth to be mentioned. Multinationals […]

Requirements and benefits of running a limited liability company in Romania

Romania has been put in the spotlight by certain changes in tax regulation introduced at the beginning of 2017 and 2018. We are talking about the tax amount of only 3% on a turnover of up to 1.000.000 euros that makes Romania a very attractive option, even for online investors with higher incomes. The main […]

What are the Requirements to Register a Company in Romania?

The Limited Liability Company (S.R.L.) is the most common type of legal entity in Romania. Once the decision to set up a company in Romania has been taken the first step is checking the availability and reserving the company’s name. A certain set of documents will be then necessary for the company formation in Romania. […]