Moka coffee maker: How a registered design revolutionized coffee ritual.

Today, in September 5th, the world of design and innovation gathers in a remarkable event in the vibrant city of Berlin. The fourth edition  of the DesignEuropa Awards (DEA), organised by EUIPO, takes place here. This prestigious event celebrates excellence in design for holders of registered Community Designs (RCDs) across the European Union. DesignEuropa’s jury […]

NFTs and Intellectual Property Rights

The term “non-fungible token“, or “NFT” in a more accessible language, refers to a certain category of digital goods whose existence is strictly related to blockchain platforms. What’s so special about this type of goods? The digital form : NFTs are a category of goods that do not enjoy a tangible existence, they “exist” only […]

Trade Secrets, Intellectual Property Rights?

Coca-Cola’s secret formula. McDonalds’ special sauce. Google’s search algorithm. Bumble’s dating software. This proprietary information is vital to these companies’ survival, and among their most valuable corporate assets.  Each is protected as a trade secret.  While patent law offers strong protections for proprietary inventions, obtaining a patent requires establishing that the invention is novel, non-obvious, […]