Industrial Designs

Lines, colors and three-dimensional forms, these are the DNA of industrial designs. The ornamental aspect of an object. They combine to form the building blocks of many of the products we buy, use and encounter in day-to-day life. From the watch on your wrist, to life-saving MRE machines, you will find designs everywhere.

And did you know that designs are a form of intellectual property? This means they have economic value beyond their creative and lifestyle appeal.

As a creator, you can protect your designs as you would any type of intellectual property, like pattents and trademarks. Doing so, keeps other from using, copying or making money from your product without your permission.

If you have an industrial design, seeking protection for your work is a wise move. To help you do this World Intellectual Property Organization runs a cost effective system that makes the process easier.

The Hague System as it’s known, provides you with a global filing solution that saves you time and money. It’s a simple, all inclusive process that will protect your industrial designs in your country, in your region or internationally.

As the right holder, it offers you extensive coverage of your industrial designs in close to 100 countries. That means, less time and money spent on protecting your design and more resources spent perfecting and marketing your product.

Your industrial designs are valuable. Protect them by applying through WIPO’s Hague System.



Source: WIPO