Five Reasons why Trademarks are Important to your Business

The fundamental role of a trademark in business is to identify a product, service or concept and differentiate it from other similar products on the market. Although it also has a physical form that is generally conveyed by a name, a slogan and a symbol, the mark is primarily an intangible value, a sum of the emotional associations that the public has related to that trademark. Therefore, the brand is always a promise of quality and satisfaction to the customer.

The value of a trademark lies in its notoriety and familiarity with the consumer, which is related to the brand, the favorable outlook, the intensity and the unique character of the emotional values ​​associated with it.

Implementation of a strong brand is achieved through a process of continuous and consistent communication with the market, the brand being often the most important value a company holds, being a image of its reputation.

It offers strong protection for your business

A registered trademark prohibits third parties from using the mark without the holder’s consent, thereby protecting the financial efforts made to achieve quality products/ services, or to prospect the market and the financial outcomes.

Due to the expansion of social networks, web domains and cyberspace, no business is just local, even if it is a small one. Trademark registration becomes a must for your business.

Effective communication tool

The major benefit for your business is that trademarks can work effectively across borders, cultures, and languages. Famous marks can be recognized as brands even when the native population speaks a different language and reads a different alphabet.

Also, your trademark doesn’t need to be a word. Designs can be recognized regardless of language or alphabet.

It’s easy for customers to find you

Your brand is the first thing customers enter into a search engine or social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) when looking for your products and services. So, it is crucial for your business to have a unique identity in order to create a real bond with the consumers. That’s the moment from which the business starts growing.

Trademarks are a valuable assets

Trademarks are a property asset, similar to real estate, that can be bought, sold, licensed (like renting or leasing) or used as a security interest to secure a loan to grow your business.  Trademarks can appreciate in value over time. The more your business reputation grows, the more valuable your brand will be.

The brand strategy has expanded a lot from its commercial origins and now the impact is virtually impossible to measure in social and cultural terms. It has stretched into education, sports, fashion, travel, art, theater, literature, regional, national and almost anywhere where your imagination can go. It is worth to be mentioned that it is increasingly used by nonprofit organizations and charities that compete in the emotional territory of people’s hearts and their minds with trademarks. Actually, brand strategy is the most important value that business has made to the entire social culture.

It can last a lifetime

Your trademark will not expire as long as you are using it. Brands are a critical asset. Do your due diligence before investing a lot of time and money in launching a new brand. Be sure the brand fits your company. Obtain a clearance search to make sure your new brand is available and doesn’t infringe on anyone’s prior rights and don’t forget that your company’s brand it is perceived as your business card.